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ALADINAlpha Lipoic Acid in Diabetic Neuropathy (clinical trial)
ALADINAdult Learning Documentation and Information Network (UNESCO)
ALADINAtmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument
ALADINAire Limitée Adaptation Dynamique Développement International
ALADINAir Base Local Area Digital Network
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The genius who made such inspirational hits as Aladin Sane and, er, The Laughing Gnome wore a ludicrous titfer and struck this devilish pose at the ceremony.
Father-of-two Aladin Mujacic was a professional footballer for first division teams in former Yugoslavia and in Germany for seven years.
Septuagenarian Aladin Sepulveda, who was born at the ranch, entertains visitors with a trove of bandit stories.
Amir's father, Aladin Fahim, heads him off at the door, lunges for the beer and tears it from the sluggish man.
E Aladin, the charismatic but ultimately ineffectual leader of the Trudoviki in the first Duma.
The firm was founded in 1999 by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Amin Aladin with the objective to provide innovative credit focused investment solutions for sophisticated investors around the world.
Parmi les themes inscrits, figurent [beaucoup moins que] Les voies vers Allah a travers l'experience spirituelle d'Ibn Arabi et ses ecrits [beaucoup plus grand que] qu'abordera Souad al-Hakim de l'Universite de Beyrouth, [beaucoup moins que] Les cles pour une meilleure apprehension de la pensee akbarienne [beaucoup plus grand que] que presentera Meftah Abdelbaki de la zaouia de Guemar de Oued Souf et [beaucoup moins que] Ibn Arabi entre philosophie et mystique [beaucoup plus grand que] qui sera presente par Bakri Aladin de l'Universite de Damas.
Fast food chain Aladin Foods OOD has accused the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) of extortion, while the Agency has insisted that the company fails to meet safety and hygiene standards.
Viennent ensuite les previsions a trois jours, effectuees suivant des modeles internationaux comme AROME, ALADIN.
Aladin Niazmand, Director of TAHPI PTY Ltd that has so far built 250 hospitals in countries around the world, said: "As per capacity planning projections that we did for Dubai and Abu Dhabi in concurrence with the relevant health-care authorities in both emirates, Dubai needs at least 40 new hospitals and Abu Dhabi 30.
Aladin Niazmand, Global Director of TAHPI, added: "The upcoming courses will provide healthcare management and design professionals with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to take on specialised planning roles in one of the UAE's fastest growing sectors.
Benton Aladin and Jonah Woullard Co-Founders of Generation Nexxt offer a joint statement;