ALADSAssociation for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
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Michael Estrada and seven other Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies were recognized by ALADS with Exemplary Performance awards.
In the past, the Protective League has generally confined itself to city elections and ALADS to county elections.
In the nine years since Baca was elected, ALADS spokesman Jeffrey Monical said the sheriff has increased the ranks of chief by 38 percent, commander by 61 percent and captain by 26 percent.
For the sake of transparency and good government, ALADS is asking the sheriff to return contributions to, and to refuse future contributions from, employees and vendors in Los Angeles County who give the appearance of buying favors," Monical said.
Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said ALADS has historically been "entrenched" against sheriff's management, and this appears to be a publicity stunt to raise the union's stature.
I give zero weight to the survey because of the incredible amount of mean-spirited, nonconstructive vitriolic nonsense, both those things written by deputies and the editorialized version by ALADS,'' Tyler said.
No manager in this department puts any stock in this, not have we ever given it credibility because ALADS has never shared with the Sheriff's Department anything about their research methodology.
ALADS said it did its own review of foot pursuit reports filed by deputies at the Lancaster, Norwalk and Century stations and said weapons were only used in 13 percent of the pursuits and firearms in only 1.
ALADS President Roy Burns has put a message on the union hotline telling deputies not to call in sick.
Baca's campaign consultant Parke Skelton said the ALADS vote only involved a small percentage of total ALADS membership.
Tim Yaryan, a legislative advocate for the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, said ALADS supports the bill because it's hard for a deputy to show that one incident, rather than long-term use of the belt, caused the injury.
The results of the balloting indicate a clear and decisive preference for Steve Cooley,'' said ALADS President Roy Burns.