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ALAIAgencia Latinoamericana de Informacion (Spanish: Latin American Information Agency)
ALAIAssociation Litteraire et Artistique Internationale (French: International Literary and Artistic Association)
ALAIAgence Latino-Américaine d'Information (French: Latin American Agency of Information)
ALAIAir Launch Aerospace Indonesia (joint venture)
ALAIAyala Life Assurance Incorporated (est. 1933; Philippines)
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However, Jain Alai are just one of several parties Everton have held discussions with and it is understood Kenwright has not seen anything in the Indian talks to convince him their meeting will lead to a concrete offer of investment at this time.
Since Mary made this claim, the notion that Hemingway was working "by remate" in Feast has informed numerous critical efforts, but it appears that either Mary's memory, her Spanish, or her knowledge of jai alai was not quite accurate.
It's hard to imagine now--unless you were part of the scene--but there was a time when jai alai was arguably the most sophisticated evening out in Florida.
But Zeff proved himself a winner in Bridgeport when, after hiring a raft of well-connected lobbyists, he received permission to turn the money-losing Bridgeport Jai Alai into a potentially profitable greyhound track.
BATTAGRAM -- At least five people were killed and four others injured when a man opened fire in mosque in Alai Tehsil of Battagram in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Saturday.
It is believed Jain Alai have visited Merseyside as they look to invest money in the area and have also held talks with chairman Bill Kenwright in London.
Lakes Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ:LACO), a US-based company that owns and develops casinos, has entered into a joint venture with Dania Entertainment Center LLC, for management and redevelopment of the Dania Jai Alai fronton in Dania Beach, Florida, US.
H said that 24 people were killed and 30 injured in Sangla hill, 9 killed in Upper Dir, 6 in Alai and 6 in Batgram due to heavy rains and floods.
To Western readers, the name Alai might sound unfamiliar and strange.
West Palm Beach had a fronton, and my mother started dating a jai alai player.
NASDAQ: LACO) announced that it has entered into a joint venture with Dania Entertainment Center, LLC ("DEC") for the management and redevelopment of the existing Dania Jai Alai fronton in Dania Beach, Florida, to convert it into a destination casino (the "Casino") which will include slot machines, Jai Alai, entertainment, a variety of bars and restaurants and other related amenities.
Contract award: housekeeping ecological quality of jai alai pelota complex.