ALAPCOAssociation of Local Air Pollution Control Officials
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STAPPA and ALAPCO noted that they have transmitted the report to EPA administrator Stephen Johnson, urging the agency to propose and finalize standards to reduce emissions from locomotive and marine diesel engines by at least 90 percent, with full implementation in effect by 2011.
STAPPA and ALAPCO said, in withdrawing from the stakeholder process, the associations also formally rejected the airport ground service equipment (GSE) agreement, a memorandum of understanding proposed this summer that focused only on nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, which they claim was "not only inadequate in scope and stringency, but also placed unacceptable constraints on state and local air agencies' abilities to protect the public from the adverse health impacts associated with aviation-related pollution.
Although STAPPA and ALAPCO -- the two national associations representing air pollution control officials in 54 states and territories and more than 165 major metropolitan areas across the country -- are not taking legal action to challenge EPA's rule, John Elston and Eric Skelton, Co-Chairs of the Associations' joint Mobile Sources and Fuels Committee, have indicated that the groups support the lawsuit being filed.