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ALATAAs Low as Technically Achievable
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Fifteen miles farther, in the land of Alata, it rushes precipitately from the top of a high rock, and forms one of the most beautiful water-falls in the world: I passed under it without being wet; and resting myself there, for the sake of the coolness, was charmed with a thousand delightful rainbows, which the sunbeams painted on the water in all their shining and lively colours.
alata trematodes in final hosts has been shown (2), but limited data on potential paratenic hosts are available.
alata has scarcely been investigated and the objective of this study was to elucidate the biocidal activity of C.
alata and anti microbial drugs against the five bacteria and five fungi was studied.
alata pitchers were examined using SEM and SWLI to investigate its morphologies and geometrical dimensions.
Yellow trumpets, Sarracenia alata, is an insectivorous perennial herb that occurs infrequently in acidic hillside seepage bogs and wet savannas from central Texas to southern Alabama (Wherry, 1929; McDaniel, 1971; MacRoberts and MacRoberts, 1988).
In this study, the presence of signal-based regulation of protease, protein-digesting enzyme, expression in a pitcher plant Nepenthes alata was investigated using two different protease assays.
For quick results, buy ready-grown plants such as Thunbergia alata, black-eyed Susan Cobaea or Rhodochiton.
alata is found naturally in Europe (6), a species which has not thus far been shown to be responsible for human infections.