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Please don't forget you are not only a reporter, you are a mother, too," Albats was told.
You can never show you are a coward'" Albats told me during a recent visit to New York.
He looked like a nice grandfather," Albats recalled of the stooped 88 year old.
Lackeys of Khvat's type could find no other way to claim their `birthright' than through brutality and murder," Albats would later write.
In a shrug-it-off tone, Albats notes that in Russia, "if you do journalism that deals with certain issues, you can easily get killed.
Albats is now back in Moscow, hosting a primetime political talk show on Ekho Moskvy, the Russian version of National Public Radio, and hopes to teach at a university in Moscow.
You deserve a bullet," an anonymous letter informed Russian independent journalist Yevgenia Albats (NF'93) after her investigative series on Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov revealed his connections with Russian businessmen who were subjects of Interpol's interest.
Yevgenia Albats is an independent journalist in Russia.