ALBCAmerican Livestock Breeds Conservancy
ALBCAbraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
ALBCAbundant Life Baptist Church (various locations)
ALBCAssociate of the London Bible College (London, England, UK)
ALBCAntibiotic-Loaded Bone Cement (orthopedic surgery)
ALBCAssociation of Louisiana Bass Clubs (est. 1970)
ALBCAutomated Liquid-Based Cytology (medical testing)
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Steven Moise, ALBC's Research & Technical Program director, said the work being done at facilities such as Berlin Farms is important and the farm's website includes the following statement by ALBC Executive Director Charles R.
Because of this, ALBC was anxious to preserve the sheep's genetic materials before their new environments began to influence the traits that made the breed so unique, including hardiness, foraging skill, and reproductive efficiency.
The Jacob sheep is one interesting and typical example of a breed listed as rare by the ALBC.
According to the ALBC, the genes of Indian zebu cattle provide heat tolerance, Caribbean hair sheep exhibit parasite resistance, and some strains of Chinese hogs are impervious to the bacterial scours that plague North American commercial breeds.
In fact, ALBC observes, agriculture's "unwanted breeds" increasingly hold much of the genetic diversity in livestock.
The Conservation Priority List is the primary tool the ALBC uses to prioritize its work and bring resources to the endangered livestock breeds most in need of help.
The ALBC conference brings together farmers, educators, historians, foodies, conservationists, and others interested in sustainable choices, and shows them how heritage breeds can fit into their plans.
Google ALBC (American Livestock Breed Conservancy) on the Internet for heritage breeds.
The company is listed on the NASDAQ Small Cap Exchange under the symbol ALBC.
According to the ALBC, the Midget White was created by Dr.
We asked Rapp, who's an ALBC board member, about some of the heritage meat varieties: American (ALBC Listed as Critically Endangered): "Some genetic issues (within the breeding gene pool in the United States).
The ALBC's website features a breed directory into which you plug certain preferences, your location, and run a search for members of the ALBC in your area who raise any breeds you might be after.