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ALCANAluminum Company of Canada
ALCANAlaska-Canada (highway)
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The acquisition of this facility advances our leadership position in pharmaceutical flexibles through growth in emerging markets," said Ilene Gordon, president and chief executive officer, Alcan Packaging.
This is one of the most geographically diverse shortlists since the creation of the Alcan Prize for Sustainability in 2004," said Dick Evans, President and CEO of Alcan Inc.
Alcan launched the initiative in May 2004 as part of its sustainability-based Community Investment portfolio.
Initially developed and patented by Alcan in 1996, this casting technology is a cold chamber diecasting process that produces premium aluminum and magnesium castings with laser and MIG weldability, excellent mechanical properties and high flow length: wall thickness ratios.
GrafTech and Alcan France (formerly, Pechiney), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcan, are parties to a joint venture in the cathode business, based primarily in France.
The central European packaging market is strategically important and represents an attractive growth opportunity for Alcan Packaging," said Michael Cronin, President, Alcan Packaging Food Europe.
Today's ground breaking ceremony is a demonstration of Alcan Cable's ability to tap new market opportunities for its aluminum alloy products," said Ian Hewett, President of Alcan Cable.
Alcan's aluminum can recycling campaign is a great success story for recycling, aluminum and Habitat for Humanity--the value of the aluminum and the corporate match raised over $30,000 that will benefit thirteen Habitat affiliates," Martha Finn Brooks, senior vice president of Alcan Inc.
This investment will strengthen our position on the fast growing Central Europe market," said Ilene Gordon, president and chief executive officer, Alcan Packaging.
Alcan reached an agreement with the CAW in May 2007, and with this new agreement with BC Hydro, the Company is one step closer to fully satisfying two of the three conditions.
Aluminum is a valuable metal that should not be buried in landfills because it is infinitely recyclable," states Martha Finn Brooks, president of Alcan Rolled Products Americas and Asia.
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