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ALCEAApprendre les Langues et les Cultures dès l'Enfance Autrement (French: Childhood Learning of Other Languages and Cultures)
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Regarding Iran, there are only a few studies on the taxonomy of the genus, since the report of Alcea in Flora Iranica [10].
Several superior varieties have been bred or selected from Alcea rosea.
ADRIENNE SAYS: Hollyhocks or Alcea can be grown as an annual or a biennial.
Among the favorites in both gardens are tbe biennial Canterbury bell (Campanula medium) and perennial mallows (Malva alcea and M.
alcea grows to 4 feet and bears 2-inch-wide pink flowers from spring through fall.
This week's online offer is for three Alcea Breeders Single Flower Mixed (right) for just PS4.