ALCFArgonne Leadership Computing Facility (US DOE)
ALCFAbundant Life Christian Fellowship
ALCFAirlift Control Flight
ALCFAssociation of Lutheran College Faculties
ALCFActive Low-Carber Forums (online diet support group)
ALCFArterial Lipoprotein Complexing Factor (medical biology)
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The ALCF has supported the Lung Cancer Congress for the past eight years and serves as a co-sponsor along with the IASLC.
A second system, to be named Theta, will serve as an early production system for the ALCF.
ALCF is used for complex tasks such as assessing climate change and designing aerodynamic surfaces.
I was looking forward to being the ALCF commander because I loved the people I worked with and understand the airlift mission," Farmer said.
According to ALCF Director, Michael Papka, "I/O is a huge issue for HPC.
Each year the ALCF recognizes one special leader who is making great strides to eradicate lung cancer and fight for the lives affected by this disease.
In May of 2010, researchers from SUNY at Stony Brook were studying computational fluid dynamics when the ALCF reached the two billion processor-hour mark.
This staggering loss of life has gone unnoticed too long, and the ALCF is on a mission to change the statistics.
For more information about the full series, please visit the ALCF website at: http://www.
Each year the ALCF recognizes one special leader who takes us steps closer to eradicating lung cancer and fights for the lives affected by this disease.
We have also had a long-standing, successful partnership with DataDirect Networks on several other projects such as the Jazz cluster and first phase of the ALCF.
During a massive computation on Intrepid, torrents of data can be unleashed onto the multi-petabyte parallel file system," ALCF acting director Pete Beckman said.