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ALCLADAluminum Clad
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Development of Friction Stir Clinching Process for Alclad 2024-T3 Aluminum Sheets," SAE Int.
2 shows a micrograph of the cross section of a FSSW in alclad 2024-T3 aluminum alloy (AA2204-T3) sheets.
This work proposes a concept of combining FSSW and clinching, denoted as friction stir clinching (FSC), to join alclad AA2024-T3 sheets.
For alclad AA2024-T3 sheets, the alclad layers and the low ductility may cause many problems or difficulties for conventional joining processes.
Metals contracts for follow-up airships were already viewed as likely, but the Alclad version of 17S made them even more attainable.
Also in 1927, Alcoa signed a contract to supply the Alclad version of 17S for construction of two new, larger dirigibles, the Akron and the Macon, which were to be monuments to the dead of the Shenandoah disaster.