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ALCMair launched cruise missile (US DoD)
ALCMAssociation of Lutheran Church Musicians
ALCMAssociate in Loss Control Management (insurance)
ALCMAssociate of the London College of Music
ALCMAssociated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts
ALCMActivity-Level Classification Model
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It is then planning to replace the ALCM with a new advanced long range
RF, ALCM, ARM, ARME, CPCU, director of risk management and employee benefits, Ensign-Bickford Industries Inc.
THOMAS Gwynfor Rees ALCM Peacefully at Min y Mor, Aberaeron on the 24th December 2015, Gwynfor, formerly of Lynwood, Llanon and also Lampeter, organist and Deacon of Soar Chapel, Lampeter.
Gary Jennings, CPCU, ARM, ALCM, AIC, ARe, SCLA, is the principal consultant at Strategic Claims Direction LLC .
Unfortunately, in the rush to return to normalcy after the inspection, a nuclear-tipped ALCM was accidently placed in the wrong storage case, the one marked "Inert.
She started work as a weaver in a Huddersfield mill, but also studied music, particularly the piano, and obtained two degrees, LLCM and ALCM, from the London College of Music.
Uhorchak, CSP, ALCM, ARM is the director of risk management for RTI International, a risk management consulting firm in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
They had just properly positioned their vehicle on the main aircraft generation ramp to observe preparations for a weapons movement consisting of 10 vehicles, four Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) pylon packages, and two ALCM launcher packages back to the Weapons Storage Area (WSA).
A European transport command building on the procurement of the A-400 M by many air forces is one area of potential, as is development of a quasi-identical ALCM for the British and French air forces.
The idea was to be able to launch the ALCM from a strategic bomber flying outside the heavily defended air space of the Soviet Union.
The challenge for the US Air Force, which seeks to replace the ALCM with the LRSO, is to effectively explain the role a nuclear-armed cruise missile plays in American nuclear strategy.
China probably will use its most capable ALCM, the DH-10, only for high-value targets.