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Wrobel further explained the benefits of ALCOM thermally conductive plastics, adding: "Prevention of thermal hot spots, as well as protection of sensitive components and an increase in service life are just some of the reasons why these plastics are being specified for components with increasing levels of complexity and performance requirements.
Depending upon application requirements, ALBIS offers thermally conductive plastics in two series, ALCOM TCE thermally and electrically conductive in black, as well as ALCOM TCD thermally conductive and electrically insulating plastic.
ALCOM is the creation of Trapper Clark and Tom Sturtevant, who set up the business in 2005 and currently serve as chief executive and vice-president respectively.
Clark said that ALCOM had been looking for a partner to help it move to the next stage of its development and realise its strong growth potential.
The 46th RS was re-designated the 72nd RS on 13 Oct 1947 and transferred from SAC to ALCOM.
Also of importance is that the commander of ALCOM is the lieutenant general who commands 11th Air Force.
However, a significant seam is now obvious at the operational level when it comes to ALCOM and JTF-AK.
effort between USCINCPAC, USTRANSCOM, USFJ, USFK, ALCOM and Service
When bacteria comes into contact with the surface of an ALCOM HM polymer compound, it is unable to replicate, and therefore dies.
This research was supported by the ESPRIT BRA Project ALCOM II, contract #7141, by the ESPRIT LTR Project ALCOM-IT, contract #20244, and by a grant from CIRIT (Comissio Interdepartamental de Recerca i Innovacio Tecnologica).
In support of ALCOM projects and programs, Trivium Technologies plans to utilize the technical resources of ALCOM to test the Trivium Diodic Lens that is currently being developed.