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ALCORARPA/Lincoln C-Band Observable Radar
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George Molakal CEO, ALCOR Fund said "We are excited about our association with Auto/Con.
Systems like the MMW and ALCOR are less powerful but have more resolution.
Global M&A firm and Investment banker and Global Growth Advisors, ALCOR has structured the deal to suit the needs to both the partners in the present global economic situation, where cost saving has become the industry keyword as the industrial sales has taken a hit especially in developed markets like US and Europe.
The iSED from ALCOR Scientific is a fully automated, random access ESR analyzer that uses blood samples drawn directly from the primary EDTA collection tube.
15 1 ROYAL ALCOR J F McDonald (10-1) 2 Beauchamp Xiara (11-2) 3 Azurinta (10-1) 11 ran 1- 1' A J Lidderdale Tote: win pounds 14.