ALCTAirlift Control Team
ALCTAboriginal Land Council of Tasmania (Tasmania, Australia)
ALCTAlliance for Latino Community Technology
ALCTAdvanced Liquid Cooling Technology (Intel)
ALCTAndré Longpré Consultant Transport (Quebec, Canada)
ALCTAdvanced Liquid Crystal Technologies, Inc. (Summit, NJ)
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Notes and bibliographies have been edited into a standard format, and obsolete URLs have been omitted, but the material is otherwise the same as originally presented in the ALCTS newsletter.
He is currently an elected member of the ALA council and served on LAMA, LITA, PLA, and ALCTS committees.
124-129; University of Maryland Libraries, 2001; ALCTS Technical Services Cost Committee, 1991), that copy cataloging was now a job for paraprofessionals (Rhee, 1998; Evans & Heft, 1994, p.
A data registry delineating each scheme and identifying common and unique elements between and among them would serve several purposes identified at a meeting of the ALCTS Task Force on Meta Access (ALCTS Task Force Minutes, 1996).
The award was presented on 25 June 2006, at the ALCTS awards ceremony and membership meeting during the 2006 American Library Association (ALA) meeting in New Orleans.
Tillett, "International Shared Resource Records for Controlled Ac cess," ALCTS Newsletter Online 10 (December 1998), http://www.