ALDFAnimal Legal Defense Fund
ALDFAsamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal (Legislative Assembly of the Federal District; Mexico)
ALDFAmerican Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.
ALDFAircraft Landing Dynamics Facility (NASA)
ALDFAdult Local Detention Facility
ALDFAveraging Laser Doppler Flowmetry (ophthalmology)
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ALDF sued the USDA on behalf of Marc Jurnove, a frequent visitor to Barney who was disturbed by his isolation and neglect (contrary to 1985 provisions of the Animal Welfare Act that call on the agency to protect primates' "psychological well-being").
43) As a result of this paradigm shift in standing analysis and the district court's decision in ALDF v.
Langley's hydroplaning program at the ALDF concluded that the best way to help aircraft tires get a grip was to cut thin grooves into the runway pavement that would let the excess water drain off of the runway.
He had assisted with training at the ALDF in 1998 and was thrilled when he discovered the organization had an opening.
ACA's ALDF standards have evolved during the past 40 years through four phases of development (see Figure 1).
The PRD, through representatives in the ALDF and the Chamber of Deputies, issued a statement urging authorities to investigate reports that several groups aligned with rival parties intend to disrupt the elections in Mexico City.
ACA's ALDF standards apply to adult detention facilities and jails.
If they resolve in favor of the federal government, then the current self-regulatory system will remain and if they resolve in favor of the ALDF then (the banks) will have 60 days to comply, or else face sanctions.
Only the sitting Mexico City mayor--Miguel Angel Mancera or a successor--would have the right to propose the text of the Constitution submitted to the assembly, with the ALDF proposing any necessary changes.
Justice Sanchez Cordero, who wrote an initial opinion on the case, said the consideration of the arraigo is purely a federal matter and the ALDF was not empowered to make a decision on the practice, even at the local level.
They found only a few ALDF standards that did not apply to small jails, and these were adapted for use in small jails in the ALDF standards revisions.