ALDHAldehyde Dehydrogenase
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Therefore, the beneficial effects of PR on serum ADH and ALDH activities were determined for ethanol metabolism.
To clarify the mechanism underlying the lower TCA levels, we measured expression of the ALDH2 protein involved in the metabolism of chloral hydrate to TCA because TRI has been reported to inhibit ALDH expression and activity (Wang et al.
In most people, ALDH metabolizes acetaldehyde quickly and efficiently, so that this intermediate metabolite does not accumulate in high concentrations.
In vitro assays, such as the efflux-based SP assay, ALDH activity assay, and cell surface marker assays, have proven to be reproducible and straightforward methods of CSC detection.
These variants affect a gene called ADH1B, which encodes a variant of ADH, and a gene called ALDH2, which encodes a variant of ALDH (Edenberg 2000, 2007; Hurley et al.
The authors reported that palifosfamide, a bi-functional DNA-alkylator in class with ifosfamide, cyclophosphamide and bendamustine, did not exhibit ALDH resistance.
The pesticide prevents an enzyme called ALDH (aldehyde dehydrogenase) from keeping a lid on DOPAL, a toxin that naturally occurs in the brain.
The Company is developing novel regenerative therapies using our proprietary ALDH Bright Cell ("ALDHbr") technology to isolate a unique, biologically active population of a patient's own stem cells.
In SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells, exposure to exogenous dopamine generates DOPAL (11), and ALDH inhibition by disulfiram augments dopamine-related cytotoxicity in this setting (11).
who are homozygous for ALDH2*2/*2), the activity of the ALDH enzyme is reduced by more than 95 percent compared with people who are homozygous for the normal, active form of the enzyme (i.
ALDH and ADH are polymorphic in humans, and these polymorphisms are known to affect the elimination of ethanol.
Aldagen is pursuing the development of additional product candidates based on the company's proprietary technology for isolating adult stem cells that express high levels of ALDH, including product candidates to improve engraftment following cord blood transplants used to treat leukemias, for the treatment of inherited metabolic diseases and for the post-acute treatment of ischemic stroke.