ALECSOArab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (Tunisia)
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This meeting came as a road map for the Arab decade for the cultural right, she added ,saying the outcomes of this meeting will be submitted to the members of the standing committee on Arab culture, so as to be approved by the ALECSO.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Mohammad Thunaibat said the conference aims to adopt a future work draft plan for ALECSO for the next five years.
ALECSO, based in Tunis, is an institution of the 22-member Arab League, a forum to promote political, economic, cultural, scientific and social programs of interest in the Arab world.
The UAE Ambassador reiterated his country's preparedness to provide more support for ALECSO to enable the latter discharge its duties of promoting joint Arab actions in the areas of education, culture and science.
Historically, there were several attempts made by various pan-Arab institutions, such as ALECSO and others, to implement regional educational and cultural reforms, without much success.
Addressing the 104th session of the ALECSO Executive Council in Tunisia on Tuesday, Muhareb called for supporting all organizations involved in joint Arab action.
Talking to Qatar News Agency(QNA), Dr Hayat Al Qurmazy, Director, Department of Culture, ALECSO, said the meeting discussed perceptions presented by representatives of the Arab states and members of the committee, which was formed in the standing committee on Arab culture meeting in Doha last May, namely: Jordan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Lebanon and Egypt.
In a statement, the ALECSO expressed in the strongest words its denunciation of this terrorist act targeting a cultural and civilizational building which is rich of humanitarian heritage, confirming its solidarity with the Republic of Tunisia.
The forum, which will run until March 2, is organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the UNESCO ALECSO Bardo Club.
ALECSO stressed its continuous quest to protect the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem and the archaeological sites listed on the Heritage List, expressing its keenness to support UNESCO in carrying out its mission to secure and preserve the noble heritage of mankind.
Muscat, Dec 18 (ONA) The Ministry of Education, represented by Oman National Commission for Education, Culture and Science and the Linguistic Performance Development Committee at the Ministry, organized at City Seasons Hotel today a ceremony to mark the ALECSO days and the Arabic Language Day under the patronage of Mustafa bin Ali bin Abdul Latif, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Administrative and Financial Affairs with participation of Dr.
Attendees at the opening of the conference included the Culture Ministry's Secretary-General Faisal Taleb, Lebanon's representative to the organization's executive council Hisham Nashabeh and ALECSO General Director Abdullah Hamad Mhareb.