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ALEFAssociazione Lavoratori Emigrati del Friuli
ALEFAssociation Libanaise des Enseignants de Français
ALEFAlcor Life Extension Foundation
ALEFAdvanced Laboratory Economics and Finance (Italy)
ALEFAustralian Legal Education Forum
ALEFFree Electronic Learning Academy
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Alef Chairman, Angel Ruiz Lua said, "Gilat's successful support of the initial phase of the Enciclomedia program is testament to its vast experience supporting large public communications programs.
Alef said Western news agencies don't have reporters in Daraa and other cities where protests have taken place and must get their news only from those opposed to the Syrian government who are biased.
The Persian commentary by Saeedabadi is available on the alef.
One of the universities did an independent study that shows our employes' productivity actually rises while they're enrolled in the program, even though their workdays are shorter," said Alef.
Alef spent three years compiling the EU-funded study, which is based on interviews with 30 detainees from different segments of society -- both innocent and guilty -- and three focus groups with families of detainees.
Exports during the last two Iranian calendar months, which ended December 20, have yielded only 5,900 kilograms, Ali Shariati-Moghadam, an Iranian official dealing with saffron export issues, was quoted by the Iranian website Alef as saying.
It was Mom's," said Andrew Alef, a soon-to-be 18-year-old and a senior at South Eugene High School.
Ahmad Tavakkoli, one of the most powerful members of the conservative faction in the Majlis, issued the public apology on his website, Alef, for stories Alef carried.
Soloists will be costumed as characters from the musicals, and the choir will be backed by an instrumental combo: Vicki Brabham on keyboards, Alan Tarpinian on drums, Nathan Waddell on bass and Roosevelt Middle School student Nathan Alef on synthesizer.
There is no clear direction or answer regarding their children and the schools," said Ziad Naboulsi from ALEF, a human rights and education NGO that is critical of the planning being done.
The daily Etemad said that most conservative deputies were celebrating the fact that the official ban on the Alef website, which first reported the degree as a fake, as a major victory and had taken to ignoring the underlying issue of what to do about it.