ALEKSAssessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces
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The companies will team to offer K-12 districts a "Classroom in a Box" pilot that includes access to 30 Samsung GalaxyTab 4 Education tablets or Samsung Chromebook 2 devices equipped with ALEKS and Thrive, two of McGraw-Hill Education's personalized learning technologies.
After an extensive search, ALEKS was implemented for students to use in conjunction with their traditional lectures.
With the approval of ALEKS on the 2012 Adopted Math Supplemental List, more schools will be able to implement the program, allowing more students to explore totally individualized learning, continuously optimized by ALEKS' artificial intelligence and to experience dramatic learning outcomes in mathematics.
The new version of ALEKS is the result of a revolutionary approach to product enhancement driven by extensive ethnographic research observing the different behavior patterns exhibited by students and instructors while using the adaptive technology.
When ALEKS supports an Intermediate Algebra course, the students perform significantly better.
We are pleased to announce ALEKS QuickTables as the first of the company's iPad and tablet-compatible products.
We are honored and excited that ALEKS and StudySync have been named on District Administration's 2014 Readers' Choice list, particularly because of just who those readers are: the district leaders who have had the opportunity to see our digital learning solutions in action," said Christine Willig, president of McGraw-Hill Education, School.
The visual format of the ALEKS Reports page includes a dashboard of icons, representing ALEKS reports available to instructors - ALEKS Pie, Progress Bar, Time and Topic, Knowledge Per Slice, Assignments, Standards, and QuickTables.
The ACCelerator is powered by McGraw-Hill Education's adaptive math program, ALEKS.
ALEKS Corporation, a leading provider of web-based learning and assessment solutions for mathematics, science, and business courses, today announced that the Georgia State Board of Education has approved select ALEKS K-12 mathematics courses for inclusion on the state's list of 2012 State Recommended Learning Resources.