ALERAsociación Latinoamericana de Educación Radiofónica (Spanish: Latin American Association for Radio Education; Quito, Ecuador)
ALERAmerican Law and Economics Review
ALERAquaLogic Enterprise Repository (BEA)
ALERAmerican Leaguer (Major League Baseball slang)
ALERAllocataire d'Enseignement et de Recherche (France)
ALERAdvanced Language Engineering (course)
ALERAssociation of Literacy Educators and Researchers
ALERAzienda Lombarda Edilizia Residenziale di Cremona (Italy)
ALERAntitrust Law and Economics Review
ALERAutomatic Link Establishment Radio
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ALER, previously known as Flashline 5, is an award-winning metadata repository and now represents a critical component of the AquaLogic product family.
A dual citizen of Costa Rica and the United States, Alers recently concluded service as the General Counsel and General Manager of the Legal Department of the Inter-American Development Bank.
Jim Alers reignited an old feud with McGregor after his split decision win over fellow UFC debutant Alan Omer.
Earlier in the evening, Jim Alers and Ivan Buchinger looked particularly impressive in their respective wins over Matteus Lahdesmaki and Diego Gonzalez.
Well, obviously, Lamb has been forced to the bar to defend himself (effigies to be burned outside please); little Mark Davies, boss of Pub du Vin, has been told to get on his soap box; Steve Dyson, burly editor of the Birmingham Mail and vast consumer of ales of all sorts (extra supplies are being got in for the day) is to chair the meeting; and a representative from the Real Alers is yet to be nominated.
Jim Alers will defend his featherweight title on the same night against Graham Turner.
Alers has performed violin with the Central District Orchestra for three years and the All State Orchestra for one year, and has held the concertmaster chair with the Joy of Music Orchestra in Worcester.
Alers added that UNDP would look into having a permanent representative in the UAE to source clean development mechanism projects to urge developing countries to invest in the UAE, bringing vital clean energy technologies to the region.
Results as reported by Brian Alers (PGeol), "The gold assay results have been received and include grades of 1.
BET Books has published over 200 titles, including novels from such veteran authors as Francis Ray, Donna Hill, Rochelle Alers and Gwynne Forster.
Alers to a music teacher and last year recommended that he apply to the New England Conservatory Preparatory School, where he received a scholarship.
Alers will receive a $500 scholarship upon enrollment as a violin major at the Boston Conservatory in September.