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ALEXISArray of Low Energy X-ray Imaging Sensors
ALEXISAuburn Linear Experiment for Instability Studies (physics; Auburn University; Auburn, AL)
ALEXISAll-Sky Extreme UV Imaging Survey
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He did not even tell them his true name, and so they knew him only as Michael Sabrov, nor was there any resemblance between this sorry wreck and the virile, though unprincipled, Alexis Paulvitch of old.
Between it and the attentions of the tribe the countenance of Alexis Paulvitch was so altered that his own mother could not have recognized in the pitiful mask he called his face a single familiar feature.
Though still in his thirties, Alexis Paulvitch could easily have passed for eighty.
You must needs shave off that beard of yours, Alexis," he said to his companion.
There should be both profit and pleasure as well as other good things to reward our efforts, my dear Alexis.
Had he guessed that his guide was Alexis Paulvitch he would have realized that naught but treachery lay in the man's heart, and that danger lurked in the path of every move.
For God's sake, Alexis Ivanovitch, do put an end to this senseless scheme of yours
Dear Count Alexis Andreevich- (He was writing to Arakcheev but knew that his letter would be read by the Emperor, and therefore weighed every word in it to the best of his ability.
In this he failed, but Alexis was sent a convict to Siberia, where now, at this moment, he works in a salt mine.
These are my last words," said she; "here is the packet which will save Alexis.
magasin = shop; ex-officio = by virtue of his position--Cooper frequently criticized American diplomats for taking on the conservative views of the monarchial governments to which they were accredited; oi polloi = common people, rabble (Greek); de Tocqueville = Alexis de Tocqueville = French writer (1805-1859), famous for his account of American culture, "Democracy in America" (1835 and 1840)--Cooper had provided Tocqueville with letters of introduction for his 1832 American visit, but resented the extreme admiration accorded his book}
As the immortal Alexis Soyer can make more delicious soup for a half-penny than an ignorant cook can concoct with pounds of vegetables and meat, so a skilful artist will make a few simple and pleasing phrases go farther than ever so much substantial benefit-stock in the hands of a mere bungler.