ALFEAnalog Line Front End
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Also, Tiit-Rein Viitso presented in ALFE a comprehensive survey of how comitative suffixes emerged from adpositions in several Finnic languages.
Viitso also showed multiplicity and at the same time systemicity of phonological developments in ALFE when he described the distribution of several nouns and verbs.
The ALFE is one of the few atlases involving a whole group of cognate languages.
On the one hand ALFE enables one to concentrate on phenomena specific to the Finnic languages as well as point out the differences and similarities within cognate languages and within dialect groups.
On ALFE maps, however, symbols are used to demonstrate the areal distribution of the words in great detail.
The ALFE, however, treats them as two separate stems; the same approach has been taken by the Finnish etymological dictionary (see SSA I 163, 225).
Generally, the Finnic verbs with a pese-, (pess-, pess-) stem denote the concept 'to wash' (see ALFE, maps 41.
In the eastern Finnic area (Karelia, Veps, South-Eastern Finland) suvi means 'south' (see ALFE, map 82.