ALFILAmerican Lebanese for the Freedom and Independence of Lebanon (Houston, TX)
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Valdez has held several positions ranging from Mine Foreman, Assistant of Mine Superintendent, Mine Superintendent, Manager of several operations at Grupo Mexico, Minera Alfil and Diabras and who has held the position of Regional Manager of Operations since June 2009.
Floriberto Rafael Aguirre Rivero, specializes in Gastroenterology Surgery, he is co-author of "Historia de la Asociacion Mexicana de Cirugia General" Editorial Graphimedic, 2011; Editor & Co-Author of “Tratado de Cirugia General” Second Edition Editorial Manual Moderno, 2008; Editor & Co- Author of “Diagnostico y Tratamiento Actual del Abdomen Agudo” Editorial Alfil, 2006; Editor & Author of “Tratado de Cirugia General” Editorial Manual Moderno, 2003.
99/2011 named the judges as Abdul Rahim Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Alfil, Omer Al Sheikh Usman Abdul Jawad Al Qayati, Ali Hashim Al Ansari, Kamal Abdelaziz Ibrahim Sallam, Mohammed Mohammed Sayid Ali Salem, Ashraf Mohammed Saber Abdullah and Mohammed Sayid Mursi Mosa.