ALFSAirborne Low Frequency Sonar (US Navy)
ALFSAutomated Linux from Scratch
ALFSAlaska Landscape Flux Study
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The SN of any element of an ALFS is open in the classic sense and is called the smallest open neighborhood (SON) of a given element of the space.
Moreover, the usage of such ALFS spaces could be explored for remote sensing image analysis.
Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a research to know how combinatorial properties of ALFS could allow the involvement of topological properties so that accuracy and efficiency of multispectral image segmentation algorithms can be improved.
It was shown that ALFS meet the classical axiomatic topological postulates and hence are able to unambiguously represent adjacency, connectedness and boundary relationships which are critical for appropriate multispectral image analysis, in particular image segmentation.
She held a variety of positions in Operations before joining the ALFS team in 2009.
Almost two hours into the flight, we had completed all required checks for the FCF and proceeded to op-check the ALFS.
Multiple error codes and cautions on the ALFS system were displayed.
Figure 1 shows results of ALFS implementation compared to the classical triangulation location method on the spherical tank surface.
We summarize the basic advantages of ALFS over the classic point location methods:
The goal of enhanced cooperation formed through ALFS sessions and other interoperability training is to increase the capacity to build regional security throughout Africa as a whole.
Three plenary sessions during this annual, weeklong seminar will allow ALFS participants to discuss several key topics shared across African military ranks.
This year ALFS kicks off its first Senior Enlisted Program, featuring noncommissioned officer professional development during briefings at the Malawi Armed Forces College.