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ALGAAustralian Local Government Association
ALGAAssociation of Local Government Auditors (formerly National Association of Local Government Auditors)
ALGAAustralian Lesbian and Gay Archives (est. 1978; Melbourne, Australia)
ALGAApplicazione Lavorazione Giunti Appoggi (Italian scaffolding manufacturer; Milan, Italy)
ALGAAmerican Lite Golf Association
ALGAAutoshift Low Gear Actuator
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Had the alga not been contained, "it would have irreversibly changed the ecosystem in California's near-shore coastal environment,' says Tim Keeney, deputy assistant secretary of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
For example, when they kidnapped the resident damselfish, other fish and sea urchins ate up the alga within days.
The scientists compared gene sequences in Caulerpa taxifolia recently discovered in California and in specimens of the alga collected in the Mediterranean Sea and various aquariums (SN: 11/21/98, p.
While it is true that the majority of taxonomists would classify an alga as a protist, there still are a large number of modern taxonomists who place algae within the kingdom Plantae.