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ALIASArtificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage (gaming)
ALIASArctic Logistics Information and Support
ALIASAircraft Laser Infrared Absorption Spectrometer
ALIASAssociazione Letteraria Italo Australiana Scrittori (Italian: Italian-Australian Association of Literary Writers; est. 1992; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
ALIASAutomated Lab Information Administration System
ALIASAdvanced Lightweight Intelligent Armament System
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Once the alias account has been set up, one can use it to sign in to their Microsoft account using the same password they always have and can also use the aliases to replace their current Hotmail or Live.
Previously, Alias had set up the Alias Kandinsky in Cheltenham, the Alias Seattle in Brighton, the Alias Barcelona in Exeter and most recently the Alias Rossetti in Manchester's Piccadilly.
The Alias suite of design products and services provides tools that encourage an accessible, collaborative, and visible workflow," comments Paul Dyck, design product marketing manager at Alias.
Alias DirectConnect for Pro/ENGINEER is built on the PTC GRANITE Interoperability Kernel, enabling Alias ImageStudio to directly import native 3D models from Pro/ENGINEER.
While the Tablet PC market is off to a healthy start, industry partnerships and professional application-based solutions like Alias SketchBook Pro will be seen as key market drivers that help propel Tablet PC sales forward in 2003," said Steve Maric, sales and marketing manager, Alias/Wavefront.
One Alias demo artist, Chris Landreth, actually made a test film that was strong enough to receive a nomination for an Oscar.
Alias uses CAS 408 to account for its BV, and it credits a vacation liability account and charges a wage expense at the employee's current salary when he earns the vacation.
The acquisition of Alias is consistent with our Strategic Plan to allocate capital and focus resources on our core industries where we believe Intergraph has differentiated capabilities," said R.
Alias announced today that its software developers kit (SDK) for FBX(R) is now available for free on the Alias website.
Maya is very sophisticated in that regard, and Alias has a team that focuses on UI and usability, so we don't have to.
The defendants are further ordered to remove and cause to be removed from all web sites and any all references caused to be posted by them under the above and any other alias all postings which reference either Plaintiff and/or Plaintiffs's President Michael Zwebner.