ALIDEAsociacion Latinoamericana de Instituciones Financieras de Desarrollo (Spanish)
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pounds sterling]15,000, to Garry Alides Willinge by way of a
Following the issue of the new shares, Garry Alides Willenge holds 2.
Limited (Hong Kong) Parkwell (Hong Kong) Limited (Hong Kong) China Pacific Aircraft Limited (Hong Kong) Asia Credit Guarantee Company Limited (Hong Kong) Chi Ming Wallace Tse(2) None None Man Sang Eric Tsang King Union Consultants None Limited Intercontinental Asset Management Limited China Law Research Association Limited MBH Int'l Holdings Limited Andrew Pawley Andrew Pawley Associates None Limited Garry Alides Willinge Stochastic Simulation China Medical and Bio Limited Science Limited (3) JF Household Furnishings Canton Property Investment Limited Limited (4) CBridge Limited Asia Resources Holdings Limited Optimiser Propriety Limited Coonara Superannuation Services Limited Coolabah Limited Coolabah 1 Limited China Properties Group Limited Junglebrolly Limited