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ALIIAboriginal Leadership Institute Inc. (Canada)
ALIIAlliance of Libraries and Information Institutes (Hungary)
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Located in Kauai, Alii Kai Resort is situated on a bluff overlooking the tropical splendor of the Pacific and surrounding Kauai landscape.
Apathy and perceptions about parliament and elected office bearers are a challenge," says Alii.
Reiterando esse posicionamento de Bakthin, consideram-se os estudos com base na Sociolinguisitica Laboviana (Weinreich et alii, 1968) que, por sua vez, difundiram a ideia de que a variacao e um fenomeno inerente as linguas humanas e de que a implementacao da mudanca linguistica da-se a partir de seu encaixamento--embedding problem--tanto na estrutura interna da lingua, quanto na estrutura social.
Another solution may be to study the meaning of legal terms in the European languages with a comparative law view in order to increase the^ knowledge of the different concepts without adopting a single vehicular language (Sarcevic 1997 ; Sacco 1999 ; Gambaro 2007 ; Olsen et alii 2009).
Eusebius refers to these Christians as alii fratres, "other brothers.
Lysgaard (1955), quoted by Coleen Ward et alii in The Psychology of Culture Shock proposed in his cross-cultural study a U-curve model of adjustment during cross-cultural relocation based on his investigation of some Scandinavian students in the United States.
The other service is Al Rad Al Alii wherein a person can fill a form either by e-mail or fax.
KRASNER et alii, International Regimes, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 1983, p.
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A mesma preocupação vai se evidenciar no estudo de Machado et alii (2003) sobre padrões do jornalismo online na Bahia.
De nombreux travaux (une synthese en est proposee dans OCDE, 2003b) apportent d'autres elements d'explications au retard europeen de diffusion des TIC, a partir d'approches descriptives (par exemple Antipa et alii, 2007) ou econometriques (par exemple Gust et Marquez 2004, Aghion et Alii, 2008), qui demeurent cependant inevitablement assez fragiles.
Our results provide objective explanations of the success factors of Internet payment systems, and the domination of SSL card payment in the market (Turban and Alii, 2006).