ALIMCOArtificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation (Kanpur, India)
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In the last two years, ALIMCO has expanded its production activities as well as camp activities in leaps and bounds.
Recognizing this fact, ALIMCO has been awarded "Best Managed PSE Award" by SCOPE by the President of India.
Accordingly, ALIMCO is being modernized and strengthened to increase its manufacturing capacity.
With a view to maximise intended benefits to Divyangjan, AAPC- Jabalpur unit of ALIMCO was ordered to conduct assessment camps immediately.
On special approval from ministry, Assessment camps for senior citizens were also conducted at 8 locations in Gwalior district from 23th to 28th January, 2018 by deputing four teams of AAPC- Jabalpur unit of ALIMCO.