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ALISEAssociation of Library and Information Science Educators
ALISEA Little Internet Search Engine (Pacific Software Publishing; Bellevue, WA)
ALISEPratt-Severn Faculty Award in Library and Information Studies (Pratt University; New York)
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The ALISE project involves dedicated durability and testing that will ensure the safety and adequate cycle of the battery being developed.
Alise said: "When the police arrived, they didn't find any trace.
Though Alise is still battling her condition, the bone marrow transplant will protect her from bone marrow failure and from the chance of an onset of leukemia that often accompanies Fanconi anemia.
This celebratory day was hosted by the bride's sister and maid of honor, Markka Prichard, along with lifelong friends and bridesmaids Callie Greening and Alise Michael Emerson.
I pointed out the demographics of my church to the authors and introduced them to Alise Barrymore, an African-American pastor of a multiethnic Emergent church.
The Sun Hill alise Millie must taken prisoner the missing woman he toy shop raid.
Family: His wife, Alise, is expecting the couple's first child in December.
But the relationship has deepened over the past few months and they are said to be head over heels in love - despite the mystery surrounding what happened to his relationship with his girlfriend of seven years, Alise Davidsen.
Changing Faces by Kimberla Lawson Roby, performed by Lynn Chavis Audra Alise Polk and Delores King Williams, HarperAudio, abridged CD, $29.
McKechnie is editor of the Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science, Coordinating Chair of the ALISE Research Committee, and Chair of the ASIST SIG Use Award Adjudication Committee.
Chick, on the other hand, suffers a different ailment when he becomes so obsessed with the philosopher Jean-Sol Partre that he neglects Alise and reduces her to murderous desperation.