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ALIWEBArchie Like Indexing on the Web (WWW)
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In June 1995, we made a series of tests on a number of then existing Internet indexing systems; these were ALIWEB, DACLOD, EINet Galaxy, GNA Meta-Library, Harvest, InfoSeek, Lycos, Nikos, RBSE, World Wide Web Catalog, WebCrawler, WWW, and Yahoo.
Search System Number Number of Number of Number of of Hits Duplicates Mis-hits Items Missed Aliweb none - - 25 DACLOD none - - 25 EINet 6 0 4 23 GNA Meta Lib.
Cyber 411 actually searches the information in Lycos, Yahoo, Webcrawler, Alta Vista, InfoSeek, Aliweb, New Rider, Magellan, Inktomi, Excite, Galaxy, Apollo, Point Search, Open Text, and Tribal Voice simultaneously and in one click.