ALKPAlkaline Phosphatase
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The samples were allowed to clot and serum was separated by centrifugation (1000 x g, 15 min) for estimation of SGOT, SGPT and ALKP (Auto blood analyzer Express plus, Bayer Corporation USA).
Serum SGOT, SGPT and ALKP levels are established biomarkers for liver injury in vivo.
guajava unripe fruit peel aqueous extract on AST, ALT, ALKP and creatinin in severely diabetic (SD) rats Treatment Experimental rats (Aq.
Results presented in Table 2 indicated that the levels of serum enzymes namely SGOT, SGPT, ALKP and SBLN and total protein were affected after treatments of rats with silymarin, P.
5 ALKP 3 1000 3 AMY 4 1500 4 BALKP 3 1000 3 BUN 1 150 1 130 90 CA 0.
Liver function tests (present case) Total Conjugated Date Bilirubin Bilirubin AST ALT ALKP 12/23/01 * 16.
Similar positive trends are shown by the enzymatic activities of CK and acylcholine-acylhydrolase (CHE II), whereas the enzymatic activity of ALKP decreases after the peak between the 21th and 25th weeks, as reported also by Legras et al.
Administration of carbon tetrachloride elevated the serum levels of SGOT, SGPT, ALKP and bilirubin significantly, due to its enzymatic activation of C[Cl.