ALKQNAlmighty Latin King and Queen Nation
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To address these concerns and others that emerged during their collaboration with the leader and members of the ALKQN, the organization began a campaign to call for a Citizens Review Board with subpoena power to hold police accountable.
Working with and getting to know [the ALKQN leader and members] helped me to see the potential in what the Paradigm Shift could do for our city.
The following represent only a tiny fraction of the known street gangs: ABC (Acacia Block Crip); ADC (Atlantic Drive Crip); ECC (East Coast Crip); NHC (Neighborhood Crip); SBC (Santana Block Crip); DLB (Denver Lanes Blood); ESP (Elm Street Piru); FTP (Fruit Town Piru); WSP (West Side Piru); BGD (Black Gangster Disciple); GD (Gangster Disciple); VL (Vice Lord); CVL (Conservative Vice Lord); LK (Latin King); ALKQN (Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation); BGL (Bell Garden Loco); VN (Varrio Norwalk); WF (White Fence); OLB (Oriental Lazy Boyz); and TRG (Tiny Rascal Gang).