ALLVOIAll Voice Over Internet (VOIP) Phone Service
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For information about WDT's ALLVOI service visit www.
ALLVOI is a great deal - the lowest cost, highest quality phone service available.
WDT's proven 12-year track record providing deeply discounted long distance and international direct-dial phone service to Chicago's large Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Romanian communities and WDT's Niles, IL-based operations and customer support center also were factors in the company's decision to focus its ALLVOI marketing efforts on the Chicago area, according to Talis.
We are doing everything in our power to ensure the ALLVOI rollout moves forward as smoothly as possible, and that customers have the very best possible experience with ALLVOI.
Another big market differentiator for ALLVOI that WDT believes will catch the attention of cost-conscious consumers is its deeply discounted international calling plans and low-cost international calling rates.