ALMPActive Labour Market Policy (EU)
ALMPActive Labor Market Program
ALMPAWE32 Linux Module Player (software)
ALMPAsymptomatic Low Molecular Weight Proteinuria (nephrology)
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Supporting child care through various incentives, fighting harassment in the workplace, creating public announcements on television encouraging women to work, continuing the existing premium incentives for youth and women and spending more resources on the ALMP should also be noted.
Wowchuk noted the ALMP will have to work with corporate partners in order to pick up that slack.
The ALMP and UI benefit systems have been linked by policies governing renewal of UI assistance.
Janoski (1990, 125-51) dated ALMP to job training and job creation activities in the Area Redevelopment Act, the Manpower Development and Training Act, and the Accelerated Public Works Program.
Finally, the costs of the ALMP are assumed to be negligible and the marginal tax rate is assumed to be exogenous.
Given the fact that the effectiveness of the ALMP differs significantly from one type of program to the other, the unproductive use of the ALMP in Korea contrasts with its use in small states in Europe, which emphasize employability-enhancing general measures such as employment services and training for regular and nonregular workers and more targeted measures for unprivileged workers such as the young and the disabled.
Abbreviations EES European Employment Strategy EPL Employment protection legislation EU European Union EU-15 European Union with 15 member states (1995-2003) ILM Internal labour markets MYP Municipality Youth Programme NDYP New Deal for Young People ALMP Active labour market policy OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OLM Occupational labour markets OLS Ordinary Least Squares OMC Open Method of Coordination PISA Programme for International Student Assessment YG Youth Guarantee YUP Youth Unemployment Programme
To minimise the risk of spurious correlation that this entails, only a smoothed component of ALMP variables was introduced in the regressions.
Furthermore, with the 'Hartz reforms' the profile of labour market policy was changed to mainly short-term measures, and the volume of funding for ALMP has been drastically reduced in recent years (Oschmiansky/Ebach 2009: 91).
The search/training effort rises with higher loss of leisure due to participation in the ALMP programme.
Another crucial point that will limit the impact of ALMPs, at least in the short term, is the fact that, except for placement activities (which will be of limited effectiveness in times of low demand), many ALMP measures are used only after an extended period of unemployment.
UB II recipients are no longer excluded from most of the instruments of ALMP provided by SGB III.