ALOGEAlgeria Oil and Gas Exhibition (trade show; Algiers, Algeria)
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Description : The 5th Algeria Energy Week (SEA5) consists of three events: a series of scientific and technical days organised by Sonatrach (9E mes Journees Scientifiques et Techniques -- JST 9), a conference focusing on investment in the hydrocarbons sector (7E me Conference Strategique sur l'Investissement -- CSI 7) and a trade exhibition for global suppliers to showcase their products and services to the North African oil and gas industry (5th Algerian International Oil and Gas Exhibition - ALOGE 5):
For ALOGE 4 and JST 8, DuPont focused on help executives; management and safety professionals in the oil & gas sector better understand and overcome the obstacles to world-class performance.
As a result of Analogic's noncompliance with the NASDAQ continued listing requirements, the trading symbol for Analogic's common stock will be changed from ALOG to ALOGE effective as of the opening of business on Thursday, November 4, 2004.