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ALONAluminum Oxynitride (Raytheon Company)
ALONAluminium Oxynitride (transparent ceramic)
ALONAirline Liaison Officer Network (UK Home Office; immigration documentation checks)
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The deal, for the remaining 53% of Alon USA's shares, is worth around USD 464m.
The all-stock deal would provide Alon shareholders with 0.
The transaction would also include receipt of all rights derived from an approximately NIS 110m loan that Alon Oil granted to the company, included rights to a share issuance relating to such loan, if any, as well as the rights to a subordinate loan of NIS 60 m that Alon Oil granted to the company.
27 November 2012 - Texas-based Alon USA Energy, Inc.
Alon also condemned the move to cut off monetary aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as punishment for the Palestinian bid for Statehood.
This agreement was signed by Alon Cellular Ltd, a joint-venture company in which Alon Holdings Blue Square indirectly holds 70.
Use your senses to discover connections throughout your entire body," Alon intones.
Alon USA Partners, LP is a Delaware limited partnership formed in August 2012 by Alon USA Energy, Inc.
In addition, the purchaser would obtain a three year option to acquire an additional 21% of the company's shares from Alon Retail at the same price per share.
Alon shareholders approved the deal earlier in the week.
Alon Blue Square said that the transaction is subject to a 14 day due diligence review.
Alon Energy and Alon Partners say that move of acquiring the Krotz Springs refinery will allow Alon Partners to diversify through crude slates, end products, customers and geographic locations, lower Alon Partners' reliance on a single asset and simplify Alon Energy's corporate and capital structure.