ALPCOAmerican Laboratory Products Company
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ALPCO will also feature its Therapeutic Drug Monitoring ELISA portfolio to investigate inflammatory bowel diseases at the AACC's 69th Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo.
To learn more about the collaboration, visit ALPCO in booth 1649 at the ADA's 77th Scientific Sessions, or visit www.
ALPCO will also introduce its therapeutic drug monitoring assay portfolio.
com to learn more about these new gastrointestinal pathogen assays from ALPCO.
The simpler work flow and preliminary data demonstrating saturation of the IDS solid-phase reagent with moderate concentrations of spiked 25(OH)D led us to transfer our clinical work flow to the new solid-phase reagent from ALPCO.
We measured serum CORT and plasma ACTH with competitive enzyme immunoassay kits (Cortisol ELISA and ACTH ELTSA; ALPCO Diagnostics, Salem, NH) following the manufacturer's protocols.
2600 ALPCO 2028 ALPHA MOS AMERICA 2060 Althea Technologies, Inc.
Quantitative determination of insulin was carried out on plasma samples using the ALPCO Ultrasensitive Insulin ELISA (Salem, NH).
com)-- ALPCO has released its new STELLUX[R] Chemiluminescent Ultrasensitive Active GLP-1 ELISA (7-36) amide, the most sensitive active GLP-1 assay on the market.
Fasting insulin concentrations were determined by an ultrasensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay from ALPCO Diagnostics.
com)-- ALPCO has launched its new STELLUX[R] Chemiluminescent Plate Reader.
com)-- ALPCO has launched its new STELLUX[R] Chemi Active GLP-1 ELISA specific for the determination of the (7-36 amide) GLP-1 fragment, which is the prime biologically active form of GLP-1 in humans and mice.