ALPCOAmerican Laboratory Products Company
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BUHLMANN Laboratories has been pleased to serve their customers for more than 20 years through ALPCO Diagnostics and they have truly appreciated this partnership.
Like the previous STELLUX[R] chemiluminescence assays offered by ALPCO, the STELLUX[R] Adiponectin ELISAs include three control levels, as well as a lot-specific validation package, providing confidence in quality and performance.
org/content/vol58/issue/12) was individually added to a vitamin D-depleted human serum matrix (MSG-4000; Golden West Biologicals), extracted with the immunoaffinity reagent from ALPCO, derivatized, and quantified with LC-MS/MS.
Like the previous STELLUX[R] Chemiluminescent assays available from ALPCO, the STELLUX[R] Human C-peptide ELISA includes 3 control levels, as well as a lot specific validation package, providing confidence in quality and performance.
8220;The ability to selectively isolate functionally diverse pancreatic cell populations has long been a need of researchers studying various aspects of pancreas biology,” explains ALPCO President, Sean Conley.
ALPCO (American Laboratory Products Company) was founded in 1991 as a provider of immunoassay kits for the North American research markets.
In addition to these reagents, ALPCO also offers the Infinicyt[TM] software program for simple and fast analysis of flow cytometry data files.
In the present study, we measured the serum RBP4 concentration with an Immunodiagnostik sandwich ELISA that is identical in protocol and reagent composition with the ALPCO Diagnostics ELISA validated by Graham et al.
Melatonin was assayed using the Buhlmann radioimmunoassay (RIA) distributed by ALPCO, Ltd.
com)-- ALPCO has launched their new STELLUX[TM] Chemiluminescent Human Intact Proinsulin ELISA, the latest assay to be launched in the company's STELLUX[TM] Chemiluminescent product line.
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com)-- ALPCO (American Laboratory Products Company), a leading developer and supplier of assays, recently expanded their test portfolio for clinical and hospital laboratory customers with the release of a FDA 510(k) cleared 25-Hydroxy (25-OH) Vitamin D Total ELISA.