ALPGAustralian Ladies Professional Golf
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He added: "The aim is to depict a new, fresh image and is all part of our rebranding of the ALPG to help change perceptions of women's golf.
The 250MDMA comes with a wide range of functions to flexibly meet a variety of testing needs, including a high-voltage output driver for built-in flash memory, a SCAN pattern generator, an ALPG pattern generator.
ALPG won't degrade performance and, at 40p a litre, has obvious advantages.
Tester-per-site architecture for efficient testing of NAND flash memory With test resources at each test site, including power sources and per- pin logic and ALPG functionality, devices can be individually controlled and tested.
ALPG is becoming more and more attractive as unleaded homes in on a fiver a gallon and Vauxhall are now making factory-converted dual-fuel Omegas.