ALPPAlkaline Phosphatase, Placental
ALPPAbdominal Leak Point Pressure (urinary incontinence)
ALPPAwami League Parliamentary Party (Bangladesh)
ALPPAIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
ALPPAgricultural Land Preservation Policy (Pennsylvania)
ALPPAtrophic Large-Plaque Parapsoriasis (dermatology)
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1 Sodium, mmol/L IN (c,d) 140 OUT (c,d) 143 Creatinine, [micro] mol/L IN 100 OUT (c,d) 90 ASAT, U/L IN 38 OUT 21 ALAT, U/L IN 41 OUT (c,d) 24 ALPP, U/L IN 176 OUT (c,d) 140 GT, U/L IN 61 OUT (d) 27 CK, U/L IN 239 OUT 120 CK-B, U/L IN 8 OUT 5 Glucose, mmol/L IN (c,d) 7.
In its statement, ALPP noted that the boy, "Oand his mother will receive $700,000 from the Milton Hershey School in a federal AIDS-discrimination lawsuit settlementOThe school also will pay $15,000 in civil penalties assessed by the U.
In its statement earlier today, ALPP also noted that, "Oon Aug.