ALPSPAssociation of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
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Audrey McCulloch, of the Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers , said: "Many ALPSP members are excited about this initiative which will bring research from 8,400 academic journals to an even wider audience.
ALPSP monitors national and international issues and represents the interests of members to the wider world; it carries out research, and issues occasional position papers and guidelines for good practice.
At a critical time in publishing, ALPSP understands that its members can benefit greatly from a powerful, revenue-generating solution," said Ian Russell, ALPSP Chief Executive.
Deborah Harman, Associate Vice President, Business Development, will represent Scope at ALPSP '14.
We are really thrilled to receive the ALPSP Publishing Innovation Award for CrossCheck," said Ed Pentz, executive director of CrossRef.
I am delighted that our re-launch of the CRCnetBASE site this year has been acknowledged by ALPSP with this award and by our customers with their positive views on the site.
A survey was conducted of 400 publishers, both commercial and non-profit, consisting of ALPSP and other major association members.
ALPSP Seminar: Plagiarism: detection and management
Knovel receives award for publishing innovation at annual ALPSP awards dinner in London
Photographs of SAGE winning the Award at the dinner are available on the ALPSP website (www.
The survey was conducted of 400 journal publishers, both commercial and not-for-profit, consisting of ALPSP and other major association members.
The report was based on a reanalysis of the recently published ALPSP report Scholarly Publishing practices 3--which looked at the practice of 181 publishers representing 75% of all articles--and a new survey of 1,1,63 authors.