ALQAssociation des Libraires du Québec (French: Quebec Booksellers Association; Canada)
ALQAlpha Gold Corporation (Canada)
ALQAmerican Lawyers Quarterly
ALQAdaptive Linear Quadratic (filter)
ALQAcceptable Level of Quality
ALQAdolescent Lifestyle Questionnaire (Canada)
ALQAdult Leadership Qualification
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In addition, the ALQ survey measured four elements (subscales) of authentic leadership.
7 shows the some of the basic statistics for ALQ total scale (TOTALQ) and OTS total scale (TOTOTS) by various industry types.
8 lists some of basic statistics for four ALQ scales (Subscale #1-Subscale #4) by various industry types.
One-way ANOVA analysis showed a significant mean ALQ score difference among industry segments (see Table 2.
1 shows the Pearson correlation coefficient between ALQ score (TOTALQ) and OTS score (TOTOTS) for all the data is 0.
organizational trust) as influenced by the authentic leaders, we perform regression analysis to test if ALQ score was a reliable predictor of the OTS score.
We further examined if ALQ scores remained a reliable predictor of OTS scores for each individual industry segment.