ALRAAcademy of Live and Recorded Arts (UK)
ALRAAmerican Land Rights Association (Battle Ground, WA)
ALRAAgricultural Labor Relations Act (est. 1975; California)
ALRAAbortion Law Reform Association (UK advocacy organization)
ALRAAssociation for the Legal Right to Abortion (Australia)
ALRAArchitectural-Level Risk Assessment
ALRAAboriginal Land Rights Act of 1983 (Australia)
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Yet, despite the success of the organizing during the 1960s, the most dangerous period for the UFW came after the ALRA was passed.
The ALRA gave traditional owners the right to veto mining.
The ALRA was the product of a compromise between the UFW, the Teamsters-growers alliance, and Governor Brown.
The well-known bans on the calling of the names of dead people which, inter alia, are respected during the hearing of ALRA and native title cases and are mentioned when television programmes depicting deceased Aboriginal people are screened.
We congratulate Ron Paul on winning the ALRA endorsement," said Elaine Little, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Assembly's endorsing convention.
Both Middlesbrough born and bred, they studied at ALRA and LAMDA, respectively, for three years.
As a land management organisation it has a specific mandate that incorporates the remote and ecologically rich region of a defined group of Yolnu traditional owners who have strong land tenure--both customary and under the ALRA.
experience both in Australia in respect to the ALRA [Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1976] and the Native Title Act 1993, and overseas, is that governments prefer to deal with wider regional population groupings, not small localised groups (2000:5).
In 1997 Minister Herron appointed John Reeves, a Darwin-based lawyer and long-ago Labor MHR, to undertake a comprehensive review of the operation of the ALRA.
The company also delivers formal actor training for people with learning disabilities, which is now affiliated to and verified by ALRA (the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts).
SHEFFIELD, England, September 27, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- IdeasByNet has pledged its support for London based drama school ALRA (The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts), which has recently opened its northern campus in Wigan, with a new cohort of students starting term on Monday 27th September.
To this end, this post-settlement sociopolitical category is examined to contrast it from the definition of traditional ownership under the ALRA.