ALRCAustralian Law Reform Commission
ALRCAsian Legal Resource Centre (Kowloon, Hong Kong)
ALRCAssociation of Land Rover Clubs (UK)
ALRCAssisted Living and Residential Care
ALRCAlberta Research Council
ALRCAirlift Logistics Readiness Center (USAF)
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The ALRC report supports the model of creating a separate tax advice privilege rather than simply extending legal professional privilege to advice given by accountants, an approach that leaves control over the operation and scope of the privilege with the Australian Parliament.
This will hopefully become a thing of the past if the current credit report proposals set out by the ALRC are acted upon quickly.
In a significant development, however, the ALRC (2007: 29), taking account of community feedback, has proposed in its recent overview of Australian privacy law, that:
14) Australian Law Reform Commission, Genes and Ingenuity: Gene Patenting and Human Health, ALRC # 99 (Canberra: Australian Government, 2004) at 264, 278 [Genes and Ingenuity].
6] Freedom of Information Australian Law Reform Commission discussion paper 59 ALRC May 1995 http://www.
DC LEARNs and the ALRC are encouraging people to visit the blog during Adult Education and Family Literacy Week with a book giveaway contest on the blog.
A water erosion experiment was conducted using the rainfall simulator at ALRC.
Kothari, supra note 23, [paragraph] 32; Letter from ALRC,
66) This suggestion was made by the ALRC in relation to the Federal class action procedure.