ALROAgricultural Land Reform Office (est. 1975; Thailand)
ALROAfghan Labour Revolutionary Organization
ALROAutomatic Line Restoral Option
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The cabinet resolution of 4 May 1993 ordered the ALRO to be primarily responsible for land allocation projects related to forest reserves.
The zones are classified into three categories: (1) conservation (C) zones for protection; (2) economic (E) zones for plantation and utilisation; and (3) agricultural (A) zones to be transferred to the ALRO for distribution (see Table 5).
The May 1993 resolution transferred jurisdiction over land amounting to 44 million rai (about 30 per cent of total forest reserves) from the RFD to the ALRO in order to accelerate the land reform programme.
The fact that the RFD was forced to give away 30 per cent of its territory to the ALRO clearly demonstrates the consequences of forest mismanagement by the state.
A third possible option for promoting community forestry involves lands transferred from the RFD to the ALRO for land reform.
33) The problem remains, however, that since the best forests are the first to be protected by the RFD, it may be difficult for the ALRO to obtain forests in contentious areas such as the surrounding areas of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.
TABLE 7 Existing forms of community forestry in Thailand Administrative Responsible Form of Use location Agencies Public land outside of Department of Lands Official the RFD territory Forest reserves and RFD Unofficial protected areas Land reform area ALRO Official Administrative Risk/Shortcomings location Public land outside of Marginal impact on the RFD territory forest dependent people who are mostly inside RFD territory Forest reserves and Unstable access, protected areas especially inside protected areas Land reform area Uncertainty of forest Status
2) The Thai government is undergoing a major reform, and the RFD was scheduled to move to the new Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment during the year 2002, while the ALRO will remain in the Ministry of Agriculture.
In 1994, about 200,000 households received the ALRO certificate; Prasong Charasdamrong, 'The land of no return', Bangkok Post, 16 Feb.