ALSFAggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (UK)
ALSFAustralian Liberal Students' Federation (Australia)
ALSFAccipiter Life Sciences Fund (Delaware)
ALSFAmerican Legion State Forest (Wisconsin)
ALSFApproach Lighting w/ Sequenced Flashing Lights (aviation)
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The Minister thanked the ALSF for providing legal counsel that facilitated the negotiation of two Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that will produce 150 MW in Benin.
ALS has no known cause or cure, but Swan and ALSF are rallying to change that.
ALSF has raised more than $80 million, funding more than 450 projects at 102 hospitals and medical institutions.
An independent body hosted by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the ALSF supports the AfDB's Regional Member Countries in the negotiation of complex commercial transactions and litigation brought against them by vulture funds.
Mike Pratt, chief executive at Northumberland Wildlife Trust said: "The ALSF is a vital funding stream for voluntary organisations such as ours in our work to enhance the natural environment and people's engagement with it.
Simon van der Byl, executive director of the MPA, said: "A key objective of the ALSF is that Aggregate Levy funding is returned to benefit communities in quarrying areas in Shropshire and elsewhere.
The ALSF is a pounds 16 million fund to finance projects that tackle some of the problems caused to the countryside by the extraction of aggregates.
The ALSF recognizes their contribution and views the opportunity to work on this transaction as a means to enhance their capacity to advise in future transactions.
This ALSF 'A' Award will provide an invaluable source of funding that will hopefully help me to establish my own research lab here at UCSF, with a particular focus on identifying risk factors for childhood leukemia, de Smith said.
ALSF began in 2000 as the brainchild of 4-year-old cancer patient Alex who decided to host lemonade stands as a way to raise funds to help all children with cancer.
The agreement was initialed between the Minister of Finance, Leketekete Ketso, on behalf of Lesotho, and the ALSF Director, Stephen Karangizi, representing the organisation.
The deal was inked on the sidelines of a High-Level Meeting of the Governing Council of ALSF on the theme: "Addressing Capacity Gaps in Contract negotiations: Four Years of the African Legal Support Facility.