ALSMAirborne Laser Swath Mapping (land survey)
ALSMAqualogic SOA Management
ALSMAllegheny Lutheran Social Ministries (Hollidaysburg, PA)
ALSMAcquisition Logistic Support Manager
ALSMAssociate, London School of Music
ALSMAir-Launched Small Missile (US NASA)
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The ALSM, African Languages Scientific Manual, we submitted, can be produced in the relevant African languages using the Pragmatic-Approximating Process so that scientific objects, concepts and theories can be more meaningful and easier to understand for students and thereby aid the learning process and ignite the necessary creativity that would induce techno-scientific development in Africa.
BEA ALSM can provide visibility into and control of the services network using a policy-based approach to manage loosely coupled systems.
ALSM can bring significant benefits to AquaLogic environments, including: -- Helps provide a bird's eye view of real-time SOA operational health and service dependencies -- Can bring predictability and control to SOA systems -- Detects and prevents service problems for federated, distributed environments -- Is designed to detect, diagnose and remedy exceptions before they can impact business -- Can lower application-support costs and IT overheads through rapid diagnosis and problem resolution Availability AquaLogic SOA Management will be available in the second quarter of 2007.
When the university got the call asking for assistance in collecting data, their ALSM system was not operational because it was about to be returned to the manufacturer for upgrades to increase the laser pulse rate.
Atlas Mining Company is a long established resource company with properties in Idaho and Mexico, and is traded on the over the counter pink sheets under the symbol ALSM.
OSBURN, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 29, 1998--Atlas Mining Company, symbol: ALSM, (Atlas) and Arizuma Silver, Inc.