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ALSPACAvon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children
ALSPACAvon Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy and Childhood (now Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children)
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Guy Goodwin, president of the ECNP and professor of psychiatry at the University of Oxford (England), called the ALSPAC analysis potentially important.
They created polygenic risk scores a 'composite' score of genetic effects that forms an index of genetic risk of ADHD for 8,229 ALSPAC participants.
The ongoing research is being carried out under the ALSPAC project, (Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children), which is based at the University of Bristol.
The ALSPAC Study Team (Avon Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy and Childhood).
Kate North, one of the ALSPAC researchers, said it was difficult to quantify the effect of men's age on the likelihood of conception.
ALSPAC is a population-based longitudinal birth cohort ascertained in the former Avon Health Authority in southwest England between 1 April 1991 and 31 December 1992; the initial cohort included 14,541 pregnancies and 13,971 children alive at 12 months of age (Boyd et al.
2005), looking at the ALSPAC cohort, found that children with teenage mothers did not differ from those with older mothers in their language development, social development, gross or fine motor skills or pro-social behaviour in the pre-school years, but that they were more likely to have accidents and behavioural problems.
Williams C, Northstone K, Harrad RA, Sparrow JM, Harvey I, ALSPAC Study Team.
The researchers said that these findings, although modest, are in line with previous ALSPAC research showing an association between early childhood diet and later behavior and school performance.
In the ALSPAC birth cohort study from Bristol UK, Ong looked at the body mass index (BMI) for more than 6,000 children at age 9.