ALSSAlstrom Syndrome
ALSSAdvanced Life Support System
ALSSAviation Life Support System
ALSSadvanced logistic support site (US DoD)
ALSSAdministrative and Logistics Security Specialist
ALSSAboriginal Living Skills School (Prescott, Arizona)
ALSSAdvanced Location Strike System
ALSSAktion Luna-Stumme Schreie (German: Action Luna Silent Scream)
ALSSAcquisition Logistics Support Specification
ALSSAssisted Living Software Systems
ALSSAviation Life Support Specialist (US DoD)
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Many Navy and Marine Corps ALSS work centers have developed locally generated desktop procedures that pull information from and reference the NA 13-1-6 (Series) and NAVAIR 00-80T123 to aid aircrews in the completion of the inspections.
The agreement was signed by ALSS general manager William E.
New origination business will not go on the ALSS San Antonio system until HomeSide completes a new front-end system to manage the interest rate risk and activity in the secondary market.
Utility's ALSS provides an additional tie-down location for load securement over and above winches, side rail and pipe spools.
ALSS important parameters - Laser max height above the ground must be at least 3500 m,- Maximum laser Scan angle perpendicular to the direction of flight of at least 55 ?
Less than two weeks before the discovery of the faulty piece of ALSS, this PR2 had received a Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal for his hard work, for passing a monthly inspection with "no hits," and for serving as the primary program manager of the division's hazmat program.
In addition, loans that were serviced on WaMu's ALSS system were successfully converted to the Fidelity Mortgage Servicing Package, so that all of WaMu's residential mortgage loans are serviced on one primary system.
sewing machine, grinders, drill press) 9 * Personnel introducing spark producing items within ALSS hazard area 10 * Aircraft logbook inspection and TDs do not match OOMA/NALCOMIS * Repeat across FY-11/FY-12
a wholly owned subsidiary of American Locker Group Incorporated (NasdaqNM:ALGI), the world's premier provider of security storage lockers and postal delivery systems, today announced that the SBA (United States Small Business Administration) has selected ALSS as Prime Contractor of the Year for SBA Region II which includes New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.
Besides doing high-quality inspections, ALSS technicians must be proactive in recognizing possible manufacturer's defects or design flaws.